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each piece come individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and easily store what you don't. and they're perfectly sized to cook quickly and evenly in only 10 minutes. it's the perfect answer to your dinner routine. (announcer) perdue perfect portions. also in a variety of all natural seasonings. a surprise visit as follower president bill clinton goes to north korea. it's a high stakes akes mission
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free two american journalists there. and a meeting between bill clinton and kim jong-il. and the future of the purple line. we'll learn whether you are riding on light rail or bus. it's the president's birthday but the freebies you'll want to know about. fox 5 midday news starts now. after years of planning, the area is one step closer to a purple line. thanks for watching midday, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm holly morris. the purple line connecting prince george and montgomery will be light rail. now comes the tough part, the money. sarah simmons has our top stories. >> reporter: the purple line has been ten years in the making but it still has a long way to go. today the maryland governor announced that the plan is in place for light rail but the next step is asking the feds for $1.5 billion in order to do it. the dream of the purple line is now on paper. after years of debate over bus
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or light rail, maryland alley made the announcement today. >> and we're here today to announce that we're delivering on that vision by moving forward with our plan to develop the light rail option for the purple line. bringing light rail to its d.c. suburb would be cheaper in the long run and better for the environment and por rider friendly. it would extend from bethesda to new carrollton in prince george's county. >> the purple line will be sleek, it will be quiet, it will be low to the ground. this is not your grandfather's light rail. >> reporter: it hasn't gone over well with some residents in montgomery county. the above-ground line is designed to run along the capital crescent trail but the overwhelming support from advocates in both counties sealed the deal. >> our workers are facing commutes that range from 20 minutes one day and the same commute that could be an hour to an hour and a half the next
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day because of the complications of transportation. >> reporter: before they even start to design the project, they have to get the $1.5 billion approved. the hope is the purple line will be up and running by 2016. at the new carrollton station, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> once the line is built, metro will be responsible for running the purple line. a deal could be in the works to release two american journalists being held in north korea. >> bill clinton is there this morning hoping to win their freedom, meeting with kim june- il. the visit comes as a surprise but the trip could mean a break- through. >> reporter: former president bill clinton set foot in north korea and was meetly greeted by government officials. the mood was somber but clinton is hoping to win the release of two laura
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ling and una lee. they were arrested in march by crossing over. china and were sentenced to 12 years hard labor. >> i don't think they would send the former president in unless he was going to come out with the two reporters. >> reporter: but the president did meet with kim jong-il. he is said to have kurtously conveyed a message from barack obama and engaged in a matters of concern. >> it could be a significant opening in breaking this downward cycle of tension and recriminations between the u.s. and north korea. >> reporter: there are no formal diplomatic relations between the u.s. and north korea. but north korea may have been looking for this kind of high- level visit, using the two journalists as a bargaining chips. steve chenevey, fox 5 news.
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>> and this could be a highly coordinated effort by the administration to open up new channels with north korea. and hillary clinton is urging iran stto release the details of where two hikers are being held. it's believed the group hiking in northern iraq may have crs to ir by accident and they are said to be held. tragedy on the runway. a commercial airliner skidded off a runway and crashing in to the control tower. investigators are looking in to weather heavy rain and wind played a role in the accident. the full senate begins
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debate on the nomination of sonia sotomayor. many republican have branded her an activist judge, democrats have enough votes to confirm her. a final vote is expected later th week. >> the white house is working to put together a summit on texting while driving. safety advocates, law enforcement and congress are expected to attend the meeting. it will focus on education. a recent study found that texting while driving is more dangerous than drunk driving. just after 11:00 and it is already 77 degrees out there. >> no doubt a sign of things to come. tucker barnes joins us with more on what we can expect this afternoon as far as heat. >> well i have an update. it's no longer 77, it's now 83 at reagan national.
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we'll be in the low 90s this afternoon. and we'll see humidity in there as well. so a summery afternoon. dog days of august are here. 83 at reagan national. dulles, 84, bwi marshall 82. so it's a hot and sweaty morning. i guess the good news in the forecast is we're not expecting much in the way of shower or thunderstorm activitivas hings should remain quiet ouast there there is a look at your satellite radar. a frontal sf teofm tcohe t as and that's responsible for the cloud cover and light showers well t snd aths eat lltho ou s th and east n a big thunderndem complex out to west. i think later today we'll see some clouds from the thunderstorm complex move in here. so there might be a little bit of high-level cloudiness but that's the worst of the forecast as the showers and thunderstorms should hold off for one more day. mostly sunny, a hot afternoon. a 92 expected here in washington. so plan accordingly. i'll have more details on the forecast and let you know when the showers and thunderstorms
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will arrive. that's coming up. back to you allison. police in prince george's county are investigating a quadruple shooting around 11:00 a.m. this morning in oxon hill. one man has died and another is in two critical condition. two women have nonlife- threatening injuries. it stems from an argument in apartment stairwell. neighbors still fear for their safety. >> i'm totally shocked but not shocked because there is so much crime going on all over the place and it seems like it's never stopping and it just gets worse every day so i live here and i'm concerned. >> it's okay. it's quiet. that's why when i came out i was shocked. it's pretty nice. >> police describe the suspect as a black male with dreadlocks last seen wearing a white t- shirt, black sweat pants nd running from the scene. anyone with information is
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asked to call police. new at midday, demolition work is underway on the old gauge ecking ton school is underway. the mayor helped kick start the project this morning. a three acre neighborhood park will be built on the site. the district is taking advantage of the president's $12 billion investment in community colleges over the next decade. classes begin later this month at the first community college in the nation's capital on the udc campus. the school's ceo talked about the impact of the new college. >> more than just an opportunity to provide education, because every individual who is either unemployed or unemployable is also sort of a burden on the tax base. each of these individuals who we can provide an opportunity so that there is more education for them and better paying jobs, they actually add to the tax base and the economic
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viability and sustain -- sustainability of the region. >> classes begin august 26th. the redskins training camp, dave, what is up? >> day six. the morning session is done. but when we come back, you'll meet chase daniels. patiently waiting for a great quarterback drill. we'll tell you about it coming up. and who is responsible for this? arson at a local football field. and police catch up with a car thief after he falls asleep in the vehicle. check out the story at just lok uthnder the off-beat section. we are back in a moment. nd
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back with a look at headlines around the tworld. authorities in afghanistan investigating a rocket attack
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in the capital of kabul. one landing near the u.s. embassy. the rocket hit the house of a senior interior minister but there are no casualties. bill clinton hillary clinton is heading overseas and keep the obama's administration clued to global engagement. and there is a chance the u.s. could strike a truce with osama bin laden. howeveral dohowever al zowy says mr. obama is the new face of the same old crime. the state department has no comment on the truce offering but says the u.s. changed the tide against extremist. the president vowed to
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close guantanamo and this could land suspects in our backyard. the white house says no final decisions have been made. some are more worried about the media circus and some feel 's too dangerous. >> this is not a good place. there ought to be a better place to have these trials. and quite honestly, it's frightening to the residents of this community to have this much activity this close. >> i'm sure the security will be concerned but i'm more concerned about getting to work and getting to school every day. it seems like ever day i'll have to deal with off the area. >mater of alexandria has said that he's lobbying t president to stop any detainee trials here. the district stress it is too early in the process. several people accused of plotting a terrorist attack
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expected in north carolina today. daniel boyd is the leader. the fbi has released the name of an 8th suspect they are looking for in connection to the case. he is jude keenan mohammed, 20 years old. they believe he is in pakistan. the white house is doing damage control regarding word of a possible tax hike on the middle class. over the weekend of his two top onomic advisors refused to rule out raising taxes on the middle class for health reform. both men allowed themself to get caught up in a hypothetical argument and the president said he will keep his campaign promise. >> he was clear about his commitment on not raising taxes on middle class families. >> meanwhile the white house is pushing congress to pass certain legislation before the august recess. gibbs says the cash for clunkers program will be the topic of discussion at a lunch of today's democrats. a dozen of post offices in
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our region could be shut down because of money issues. eight of them in the district. the post office is facing a possible $7 billion loss this fiscal year. four locations in maryland made the list of possible closures. virginia had 19 closures but none in the northern part of the state. no changes are expected before september 30th. police are trying to track down whoever targeted 20 bus stops in d.c. vandals struck sunday night breaking out a single glass wall at each stop all over the city. police figure it is the same person or group of people who did the damage. anyone with information should give police a call. arsonists set fire to a football field at middletown high school. someone poured an accelerant on the field, burning a 240 square foot patch. the damage to the artificial turf is estimated at $75,000.
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so far no arrested. day six of redskins training camp should be a scorcher. >> the team is step up the drills. some you could say are off the beaten path. fox's dave ross is live out at redskins park with the details of what that means. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. some very off beat exercises and training techniques that jim zorn has out here. it is a hot one. about 92 degrees. but not hot enough to keep chase daniel off the field. he's courteous to join us. this is cooler than missouri. >> yeah. it gets hot and humid like up here. but this is mild for this time of year so we're lucky. >> reporter: you're getting a break the first time here in d.c. and we know jason campbell comes in as a starter and todd collins, and then you're at fourth quarterback, what are you trying to show coaches
11:18 am
here. >> that i can be consistent and get the ball out quick and make right decisions and protect the football. and who knows maybe i have a shot attic acing the roster but right now i'm focusing from day- to-day. >> reporter: you talk about protect the football, today you did a drill. the coach threw the ball out and you have to run and slide to get it. you have done anything like that before. >> no, not since high school. he threw the ball and said go get it and jump on it and showing us how to jump on the ball. i've never seen a head coach slide on the ground and huddle the ball like he did. so it was amazing. >> reporter: and you did a drill called the color and you have to fire it in. you've done those type of drills before. >> no doubt about it. there's a gold and burgundy and
11:19 am
he could say top, left, right, middle, he can say the color, 1, 3, 2, and you try to hit the ball. >> reporter: and you have an opportunity to shine and show what you can do. is it harder to do that when you think you have a three-game window. >> if you put that pressure on your self, it will be hard. but if i focus on it game by game i'll do fine. >> reporter: and did you get this in missouri? did people want your autograph? >> it was like that in missouri, but this is a little bit bigger stage. you're in the nation's capital, the capital of the world. so there are fans that love us and this is awesome to see them. we like to give back to them when we come back. >> reporter: we appreciate you taking the time. best of luck to you. >> i appreciate it. >> reporter: you're going to see him all preseason long.
11:20 am
a quarterback with very good skills. very good friends with colt brennan. let's keep them all. we're going to expand the roster and keep some quarterbacks this year. >> thanks, dave into it's been a hot-button issue for those living in one area and a decision has been made about a school expansion. but not just the traffic that is the problem. and they died within hours of one another and now they'll split the cover of vanity fair. what some family and friends have to say about michael jackson and farrah fawcett. time for a look at the fox 5 job of the day. today's opening at intersections incorporated. they are looking for a business service marketing specialist. this is in chantilly, virginia. >> the company offers medical, dental and vision as well as flex spending and a 401k. salary is negotiable. for more on this job and many
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others, go to and click on the job shop tanear the top of the home page. 
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welcome back to what's cooking. today one of my most favorite cuisines ever. ethiopian feed. and you think of zed's in georgetown and the masterminds behind the restaurant are here today. and i'm calling everybody zed but please introduce yourself. >> my nam is zed. we have a bist re and wine bar. and we have been in georgetown for 22 years. >> we're happy you're with us today and you're doing a beef tip. >> we're doing a sauteed beef.
11:25 am
and i hope you enjoy it. >> now the taste of the ethiopian feed is so distinctive. it seems like this would be hard to do this at home ulouco at home. >> we want you to come to the restaurant to eat the food. but it can be learned. you can -- we can teach you. >> i'm going to learn that special spice that i taste when we come back. we have a lot to talk about and this is what is cooking. and it's a happy day for me. back to you guys. >> very good. we like that. thanks, allison. >> looking forward to it. i can't say i'm looking forward to the weather. >> well we're getting used to it. >> this is august in d.c. what are we talking about. >> look at that picture. that is telling you the story. it is hot, humid and it's going to be more of both later this afternoon. i'll have the details dodetails up. and an islamist school gets its green light to expand but
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light rail is on the way to the d.c. area. the governor announced the state is pushing for $1.5 billion in mon for the purple line to connect prince george and montgomery county. it would extend from bethesda to new carrollton. the plan is to have the line up and running by 2016. and you're looking at images coming into the studio from former president bill clinton's meeting with kim jong- il. he is trying to persuade officials to release two american journalists. the state media reports that the former president and kim jong-il talked about a number of issues, evening say the former president delivered a message from president obama. a school has begun given
11:30 am
the go-ahead to expand it's campus. the fairfax board of supervisors approved the vote. >> we need to resist these people. we need to make it clear that they may have bought six votes in there, but they're not buying my vote. >> reporter: james lafferty stormed out of the board room soon after the board of supervisors approved the expansion in fairfax county. he wasn't the only one. dozens of others followed. >> i find it shocking that six of them would vote for it. i'm not sure whose concern they're looking after. >> reporter: one of the school gradates was implicated in a plot to kill the president. >> how they could overlook a graduate of the school doing that saying their such a fine student. but they're learning the wrong thing for american. >> reporter: some are concerned
11:31 am
about what the academy was teaching. they say the content was anti- american and violent. >> they didn't feel the curriculum was something appropriate in a land use setting, we don't evaluate the curriculum of other schools that come before the planning commission board such as the catholic school. >> reporter: and then there was the issue of traffic and congestion. some said the road is too small and dangerous. >> a lot of the charges that were directed at the school are -- were misled. >> reporter: but in the end the board of supervisors said this was only about land use, giving the school the green light to expand, leaving those in opposition seeing red. lafferty says the decision won't be forgotten come election time. >> we'll support, even if it's pee wee herman, we'll support whoever is running against them. >> now the committee must go through the planning process.
11:32 am
the school has been in the district for 15 years and were called a significant teaching facility. tucker barns with a look at steamy day out there. >> tony and i walked down to the street to get break fast and we were both chaining on the -- we were both explaining on the heat and humidity. >> and i was in a bread factory this morning and they're saying it's going to be hot in here. but i thought it was cooler inside than outside. >> we waited all summer for the heat and humidity and now it's here. and we are going to bring headlines to the midday show. that always makes tony so excited to have the heaines back. lots of sunshine later today. we'll have toasty temperatures by this afternoon. they're toasty right now. they'll become more toasty by afternoon. t storms tomorrow and then the weekend. saturday looks sunny with temperatures at about 90 but we
11:33 am
could have our first real heat wave of the season by sunday and monday. it's possible we could see temperatures if the low to mid- 90s around here by early next week. 83 at reagan national. humidity creeping up there, 69%. winds have shifted out of north and northwest for most of the day yesterday. that dries out the atmosphere. the winds are shifting out of the south at 8 miles per hour. your pressure is 30.00 inches. and how about 87 down in fredericksburg at this hour. 84 at dulles. a very mild start to the day. temperatures area wide here in the mid-80s. 84 in ocean city. 83 at patuxent naval air station. high temperatures into the low 90s today. we've only done the 90s a couple times this entire summer so this is one of the hottest days of the year. certainly i think by 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon as we are expecting plenty of sunshine and temperatures to jump 10 degrees or so. you can see the clear skies across the mid-atlantic. nothing happening. how to the west in the ohio valley, that's a pretty impressive thunderstorm complex
11:34 am
that will pass to the south. we'll get a little bit of the blow half off. so maybe high to midlevel clouds today. a little bit of cloudiness moving in but we're not expecting shower or thunderstorm activity today. most of that will hold off until tomorrow when a cold front arrives and we have slightly cooler air for the rest of the week. and high temperature expected to be in the low 90s. 92 here in washington. winds out of the south at 5-10 miles per hour. getting lodi overnight but mild. 72 here in town. upper 60s outside of the beltway. winds at 5 miles per hour. tomorrow we have a much better chance of showers and thunderstorms as a cold front roaches the-- approaches the area. tomorrow temperatures in the mid-80s. saturday's high temperature of 90 degrees and sunday and monday, maybe tuesday of next week, might be mid-90s in a few places. so summer is here to stay for
11:35 am
the next 7 days. >> at least. tucker, thanks. chances are someone is going to sing happy birthday to president obama today. he turns 48. he will celebrate by working. he will have lunch with senate democrats at the white house. but you can get free lunch in honor of the president's big day at z burger in findlay town. they're giving away free burgers and birthday cake from 11:00 to 2:00 and the first 48 people in line at 10:30, will get gift certificates good for 48 burgers and 48 milk shakes over the next year. and from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. stop by any dominoes in d.c. and say happy birthday and you'll get a free chocolate lava crunch cake. we have more information on the giveaways at and just look under the web links. new music and dvds hit store shelves today. >> tony is up next with da look at what is available. we're back in just three minutes. keep it right here.
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it is tuesday and that means new dvds and al bums drop into stores today. >> tony joins us with a rundown. >> for august, not a bad week for releases. we'll start with the dvds. take a look. >> don't go in the pimp out frig, jack. >> intergal -- gal actick with enter into witch mountain. jamie foxx brings the story of an unlikely friendship in soloist. and beyonce co-stars in the thriller on seed with an office temp with an out of control crush. and it includes its stars demonstrating how they pulled off the famous girl fight.
11:40 am
a coming of age best seller has siena miller and peter arizona guard showing a college grad the mysteries of pittsburgh. >> this whole thing is a lie but i'm not really -- >> an editor. >> reporter: and lindsey lohan delivers labor pains, as a girl who fakes pregnancy to keep her job. e crew of the sets course for adventure in romance with season 2, volume 2 on dvd. and new zealand's number one eport play a second season on home video. >> what could women like? >> men. >> some of them do. >> have you ever seen that show, it's a funny show, flight of the concords. i don't know who is buying the box sets for the love boat, but -- >> i was just going to say, the love boat is the only one that i recognized. [ laughter ]
11:41 am
>> those are the dvds. now to the music aisle. check out the release from the detroit native kay jon. it features the hit onthe ocean. they say he knows how to set a scene and his album unfolds like a film, following the trials and tribulations of a young man. it's called kay jon. gloriana released a title today saying it blends the talent of the up and coming group. the harmonies have been compared to the eagles and fleetwood mac. and what love can do features recordings of old
11:42 am
favorites and new ones. now i want to mention cheap tricks new album which debuts a few weeks ago and it's called the latest. if you are a cheap trick fan, go buy this cd today. it is one of their best albums. this is 30 years after their heyday. i picked it up on sale at best buy for $7.99 a few weeks ago. i liked cheap trick so i bought it. i didn't expect much because it's 2009 now but it's fantastic. so if you get a chance, check it out, cheap trick, the latest. and you've seen the ads on tv for the snuggy. you may remember that allison -- >> i never live this down. >> bought a knockoff. >> right. >> a noggy. >> but now there is a new snuggy and it's targeted to your best friend. and we're heading over to studio b. to see what our guest chef is cooking up this morning. don't go ywhere.
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i'm getting the behind the scenes of what exactly that distinctive ethiopian taste is that i love so much. and we're going to share it with everybody, because zed is in gainesville as well. the georgetown restaurant is had a a lot of us are familiar with and today we're going to learn how to do the beef tips. how do we do this. >> we have the meat, it is fresh, with garlic, rosemary leaves and usually in the restaurant we use gap. >> can you tell us what you
11:47 am
marinaded the beef in. >> it's marinaded with garlic. >> and the rosemary. >> where everything is natural. nothing artificial in it. and then we put spiced chili pepper. this is up to you how much to put. and then a little bit of cardyman. that is my favorite spice. >> may be that is it. >> and garlic, tomatoes. fresh tomatoes. everything is fresh. and bellpepper. depending on how much you like it. >> a lot of phones may be afraid to use the spices. you said it's up to you how much you want. >> yeah. because some people don't like
11:48 am
it too spicy. and if they don't like it too spicy, they can make it less and if they like spicy they can make it more. but the ingredients are usually fresh onion, fresh garlic, rosemary leaves. the key is fresh. and as you see, the meat, there is no fat in it. d it's kind of taking the marinade. it's very healthy. it's not fattening because it's good for your body and soul. and the garlic is good. and the very healthy. they say the rosemary is good for depression. >> is that right? can you pass that over. because i'm very tired. >> now you can go home and
11:49 am
prepare this for dinner, and often there is a delicious gravy but almost a sauce that the meats and chickens and the like are in. how does that -- >> that's the stew. to make things like this, like italian food, it takes at least 6-7 hours. you have to cook the onion first and make it brown, you have to put the chili pepper in it and you have to put different spices like fresh garlic, fresh ginger, and everything goes in it and you cook it for a long periodf time. >> now let me ask you, so we've seen how this works and for those not familiar with ethiopian, because we don't have much time and you have the bread on the side and it's a communal dish and you'll eat the vegetable and beef at the same time. >> yes. you take a piece and then you eat.
11:50 am
>> so this is what's cooking today. has all of the information including on the website. we're come back and taste. if you would like to see another restaurant or your favorite dish prepared on the midday show drop us at a line at delicious. back to you. did you like american idol's fourth judge last season? i hope so. get used to her. cara dioguardi will come back for season 9. fox brass are touting her sharp musical sensibility, saying she spotted adam lambert early on. >> so did you. >> and i dndidn't get a contrac still no word on whether paula abduhl will return next season. after weeks on the road, the season eight finalists finally make their way to the nation's capital. the idol tour stops at verizon
11:51 am
center tonight. the concert begins at 7:00 p.m. >> we want to thank them for making themselves available to our show. >> steve chenevey is going down there to try to make it happen. >> he'll do it. >> and it's cooler time. >> bloop, bloop, bloop. first up, vanity fair is honoring michael jackson and farrah fawcett, splitting the cover between the two. >> half will include farrah, the other half will meeture -- will feature michael. it's inside what are grabbing attention. ryan o'neal, the partner of farrah fawcett, we know ryan o'neal and his children, the family, they'vbeen in the news a lot. it's a fractured family. >> that's a good word. >> well this guy may have opened up too much.
11:52 am
ryan o'neal in vanity fair talks about his kids and things that happened after the funeral with farrah. here is ryan o'neal on making advances toward his estranged daughter tatum right after the funeral. i just put the casket in the hurst when a beautiful blond woman comes up and embraces me. i said to her, do you have a drink on you and a car. she said daddy, it's me tatum. i was just trying to be funny with a strange swedish woman and it was my daughter. it was so sick. maybe not the time to be funny. >> the fact that he's hitting on someone. >> the hurst is pulling away. vanity faiaskehim, are you sorry that diyou have children. he said a couple of them i would take back. look at my work. some of them are not in touch and are in jail.
11:53 am
they asked him about his son griffin and he said i hate him. >> no wonder his children have issued. they have a father -- look at their father. >> maybe it's funny, but i find his honesty refreshing. >> i find it disturbing. >> exactly. >> so that's just ryan o'neal. >> what about michael? any word on his mess? >> i don't have michael here. i was focused on ryan. >> and tucker will be the only member of the ryan o'neal fan club. [ laughter ] many of you know that on loves the snuggy. and she loves it so much she bought a knockoff for her mother. >> it was the same thing. the slink et was not the same. >> now she can get this. check it out. the popular blanket with arms is available for your furry best friend for only $15. you can get not one, but two.
11:54 am
and the deal comes with a recordable dog tag. but does your dog really need a snuggy? >> sure they do. look at how easy. i bet it is warm for them. >> so will you get one? >> well, no. >> are you going o wait for the slink et. >> there will come out that's $12.99 and i'll wait for that one. no, i'm just joking. >> somebody is laughing all the way to the bank. >> buy one, get one free. >> look at the whole family of dogs. >> i have laughed at the snuggy but i bet this will be a big hit. why not get one for the dog. >> you knows had tornado to put on the -- it's hard to put on the outfits on the dogs. and that's why i don't. >> and i bought outfits and i don't put them on my dog. >> well they're available. listen up, ladies.
11:55 am
a 5 karat pink diamond could be yours. this jewel will be auction the off in hong kong this december in crity -- at kristie's. it could sell for between $5 million. >> the guy who is going to buy that who sells snuggies. >> ryan o'neal is buying it for tatum. >> okay. we're back in a moment.
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
this morning i was live at great harvest bread company in burk, virginia and we learned how to make bread from start to finish. they even mill their own wheat. it's all natural, no preservatives and they make anywhere between 60-70 different types of bread on any given day they make 7 or 8. and they make scones ab -- and muffins and i will be disappointed every time i walk by the bread aisle because it doesn't compare to the stuff they turn out there. most everything is made by hand and it is good stuff. and it's a good community store. they give back to the community. i love the fact that if you have a new neighbor, you can go in there and tell them you have a new neighbor and they'll give you a loaf of bread and some chocolate chip

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